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Default Re: Not the Usual tensioner issues

That is an impressive looking device however it appears that the wheel is aligned with the chain stay. That is precisely what is wrong with the kit supplied tensioner. The chain and chain stay are NOT parallel on most bikes. To get the wheel on the tensioner you posted a link to, to align correctly you'd still need to bend/twist/kink it to get the wheel aligned with the chain and that would probably compromise the action of the spring return function.
Save your $30.00 and bend yours. Yes, it might take some arm strength but its not that hard to do. Secure the bracket to the frame (chain stay) with either a set screw or screw all the way through the bracket and frame but only drill AFTER the alignment is perfect. You also can explore runnig without a tensioner as many have successfully done. For that to work you should have adjustable drop outs and sufficient clearance between the chain and bike frame. As I said earlier, read what has been posted countless times regarding the chain tensioner issues and you'll benefit from past experience from other members.
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