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Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
I can only say the power output was not as good as with a good oily mix. Just didn't have the same torque. I'm sure it would burn cleaner, but ring seal suffers, as with any light oil mix.

Just for the record, Amsoil recommends 50:1 with Saber with these crude engines. The "problem" with Saber at 50:1, is that it is quite oily. So, that said, I find a race type oil with castor oil at around 32:1 to be just about as oily, but even more power to the ground. When I took my head off last weekend, it was a bit dirty but not overly so.

You guys do know, the more oil, the more power.
pablo thats what i run at work 50:1 sabre and it def works great i tore down those engines last week 1 def seized and one had valve issues the pistons and plugs were ash free where as before the sabre the plug would literally be clogged with carbon and ash in 1 months time and none of my ex ports are cloging up so tight it was the size of a pen.. and for the 2 that blew up 20 more are still running top notch
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