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Pablo, i think it's the other way around. it's the people that think running any oil at 100:1 is crazy that start up the arguments. i'm just stating my experienced-based opinions on the stuff.

the fact is, if i woulda tried Amsoil or any other brand that worked as good, i'd be hawking that stuff, too. or, if i had ten brand new bikes sitting around, i'd do a comparison test.

i know you have a personal interest in Amsoil products, and i know it's a good product, and i appreciate you adding to this thread. the more feedback we have on, well, anything, is a good thing.

it's just the people that denounce it without ever trying it that bugs me. i mean, if Taco finds out that suntan lotion is the miracle lubricant, who's gonna be next in line to try it out? i doubt i would. don't think i'd go so far as to condemn it outright, but then again, i don't like the smell of cocoa butter...
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