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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

Would It Be Possible To Reverse The Spring Force Direction On The Derailer Spring Tension Arm ?

As You Know, The Cable Pulls The Arm To And Away From The Wheel, For Chain Alignment. The Main Problem Is The Derailer Bicycle Chain Tension Arm, Swinging the wrong way.

When You Flop A Freewheel Over It Reverse`s. Would The Coil Spring Do The Same? Think About It Till You Get A Headache, Then Post!! Lol.

Maybe Stock Rear Derailers Could Be Modified To Swing The Chain Tension Arm The Other Way, For Left Side Use.

I Think You Can Do It. Imho, The Derailer Is The Big Problem .

All You Need Is A Spring Making Machine ! Lol.

Thanks For Tackling This Endeavor!

"We Must Endeavor To Persevere" (Josey Wales = Indian)

Ron .

I watched that movie just a few nights ago...Outlaw Josey Wales...Clint Eastwood. It was on one of the movie channels. I remember seeing it years ago in the theater.

Utilizing a standard deraileur may end up posing a problem...don't know yet. If I have to make something that will allow the chain to float from one sprocket to another; I will.

I like to get one thing at a time out of the way, and then move on to the next. Once the cluster is mounted to the wheel, and the chain run from the engine to the second sprocket is aligned; I'll look at a shifter mechanism.

It's easier this work with the known...and not let the "how" confuse things too early into the process.

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