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Default Re: revolutioncycles, :S

There is always an exception to the rule. Fortunately you found out before you spent anything but your good intentions.

I am currently building an in frame 4-stroke bike. I got the kit from Five Flags. I think he is currently out?, but you might check.

One of the parts in the kit was defective, but Frank at Five Flags made it good.

I bought the Honda GXH50 engine from an other source. I would guess that engine is available there from a Honda importer?

I needed an other part because of the bike frame I am using and got it from Spooky Tooth. Entered my order and got it two day later. Good vibes.

Regardless of where you get a kit, be aware of the warranty. It is my belief that most of the China kits are shipped to the dealers in container lots and they are stuck with what they get. So if there is a problem, they don't get any help from their source. If they do enough business then I am sure they expect some loss and will make good to their customers.

Good luck with your build, the freedom of the transportation in a tough world economy is worth the effort. Take you time and learn from others that have gone before. All the stuff I read first has saved me a lot of headaches. There is nothing like experience. I haven't made all the mistakes myself in life. I actually have not touched a couple of stoves when told they were hot. )

Easy does it, but do it!
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