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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

I qualify those stores as "ok".
Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware seem to be better at having the very nice odd items like jeweler's files.
I know that Harbor Freight will have them , but I question the quality of the metal that they are made out of. For the dirt cheap price that they ask for a set of them, it is worth trying them out. If the gear keyway is good, do not buy a jewelers file. You will not need it.
If the keyway in the crankshaft is buggered there is not much you can do about it. I would superglue the key in place so it won't fight you while getting the gear on and just go for it. The keys do have a habit of scooting crooked towards the the seal when the gear is slid onto the shaft. Not crooked as in left to right, but like ice cream sliding in an ice cream scoop. The shaft is the scoop and the ice cream is the key. If that happens the key could fly out when the engine is running. The key must not do that when you install the gear. The top flat side must remain parallel to the shaft and keyway in the gear.
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