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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

Thanks for the Compiment... i am determined to get this job done. I do lack experiance, but i'm a smart girl and can follow instructions very well, and with my determination.. this things going to get running this weekend

I cant say i really know 100% for sure what caused the damage. here is what i know. The woodruff key came out before.. when this happened i was riding to work and the engine just reved really high but the bike wouldnt go... eventually the back wheel jamed up and i had to carry the thing home. I though the issue was with the clutch, i took the cover off and the small bevel gear was trashed, broken in half, and the key was just loose in the engine, so i bought a new gear and used the old key.. i think that was my mistake, i'm also noticing now that maybe the groove where the key fits is slightly damaged.. a privious post taked about how the guy filed the goove a bit. i think i might have to do this.. it seems like the opening in slightly narrower than the actuall groove. I hope that makes sense. My theory is still that the key came out and busted the casing.. i just cant think of any other explination, those where the only missing parts and i had the same issue of the engine reving and me going nowhere.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'm think i'm going to get the metal file and try to smooth the groove and test the key again to see if it will fit. I dont mind spending 5 bucks or so on a file.. it seems that thru this journey i always need a tool i never thought i would use again.

I really appreciate all the help you guys give.. there is no way i could do it with out you
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