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Default Re: tourque from engine pulling rear axel forward

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
I have skewers on My bike and I am going to finally put the motor on during vacation next week..this is something that has been a concern in the back of my mind for a bit.
Skewers. Is that that what they are called?
Thanks for their name ;-}
Reminds me of the little rods with handles I make my awesome Shish-Ka-Bobs on for the BBQ.
Is the large sprocket centered real good so when turning the chain does not tighten and loosen as the wheel goes around?
That should never be an issue. The hole in the rear sprocket should fit the hub perfectly so it can't 'move around' on the spokes which now are the only drive sprocket support.
Is that a 'cheap kit' item? Beats me, never used one, but it sounds like a nightmare or at least a problem waiting to happen.
1. My drop outs are backwards and angled..
2: I have a hub that has the sprocket on it no spoke drive.
Piece of cake easy if you have a hub mounted rear drive sprocket.
So long as the motor isn't moving around because of a poor front mount a pair of those Skewers should do the trick.

If you don't have a good front motor mount anchor to the bike frame then the motor is going to want to turn left and will, hence loosening the drive side chain as well as chain jump problems when it does.

All you need is some kind of metal piece that goes past the outside of the frame on the right side to stop that.

I just use the extra blocks that come in gasbikes $15 'universal mounting kit' like this.

That sucker can't move any direction ;-}

You using just a single long bolt through the frame for the front mount with distance in between?
If so you will have problems forever.
A drilled hole in a bike frame and a long bolt may keep it on the bike, but it can't support the left tending force of your motor.
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