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Talking Converting a Bike into a Tadpole Trike

N00bie bike builder needing some advice

I'm turning my hack job/rebuilt bike into a tadpole style trike and I'm trying to avoid welding at all costs. The plan I had was inserting an extended axle through the fore-end fork, bolting it on with u clamps and putting wheels on each end. Seems an easy enough design and 99% of my biking is done on roads hauling crap from one side of the city to the other. I have plans on getting a rear mounted electric motor in the next while.

Question is HOW do I attach the front wheels? I know how to do it in theory, but I've never actually done it and have no idea where to start. Will the axle survive in reality?

I'm up to anything at this point. My balance sux on the best of days and a trike would certainly help me out.

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