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it was me and 2door that had the problems with the older engines. in my case, to be honest, that engine never ran that well in the first place. it was the first engine i had, and i ran it on whatever oil i could pick up cheap, 7-11 gas, and i did a lot of bad experiments with porting, lapping, etc.

i mean, i wouldn't say they were bad, since i figured out what works for me for future bikes, but it just wasn't very "scientific."

so with my next motor, i blueprinted it, ported, lapped, polished, etcetera'd it right out of the box, used Opti2 from day one, and if it wasn't for the chain breaking and slapping up and cracking the case, i'd still be running it (getting a new case today, by the way.)

after the old motor sat for a month, then i built a bike for it, tried the opti2 in it and it just wasn't going for it. it's still sorta a mystery, and we've already gone over it in previous posts.

also, my idea of an engine running bad, might not be the same as other people's.

there's a lot of people who've switched to opti2 from regular oils who seem to have no problems, so a couple of isolated incidents don't really matter to me.

also, me and Tom we're totally up-front and informative about what happened to our motors. we stated our facts, asked and answered questions, all in the interest of sharing knowledge. in the end we still sided with opti-2, because overall, it really works.

i dunno why i keep coming back to this thread and re-explaining everything. i should hit up opti2 and see if they're hiring...
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