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When I say mixed results I am just referring to the few cases stated here of the older engines not working, and there was one claim of engine failure. That being said I plan to try Opti-2 after I use up the quart of the stuff I have.

Like I said the stuff I say about Chinese metal was about 10 years ago. One of the examples if I remember correctly was that of Dewalt. They moved full production to China when Black and Decker took over, but shortly moved part of the operation back because the metal quality was not up to par for the commericial line of tools. Like I said it was a few years ago and I don't remember all the details, I was a tech monkey not a machinist so my level of caring was not that high.

It was just a thought, because after looking at the tech page of Opti 2 it looked that it used some sort of chemical reaction with the heat of the engine to "reshape" the surface of metal. The diagram reminded me of a pottery class I took years ago. The reason that one needs to "knead" clay is to line up the "plates" in the clay to give your clay strength and flexibility for sculpting. So I was thinking that opti-2 does something similiar using the motion of the moving parts and the heat generated to great some sort of reaction to "align" surface molecules and "reshape" the metal. If that is the case, metal quality would definitely effect the efficacy of opti-2. Just some thoughts not bashing opti-2 looks like some good stuff. I could be way off the mark on my thoughts, as I am not a chemist, nor a metalurgist, so feel free to shoot me down, just be gentle....
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