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Default Re: Manic hub question..

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

Do you have the rear rack mount set-up, or the in-frame?

It's the rack mount. Looking on the website it looks like they don't even sell them anymore. If they all ride like the one I have I'm not surprised they dropped them. The kit uses 3 of their counter type sprockets, one on the engine and 2 on the jackshaft. I don't know which one is the problem or if it's all of them. I'm sure it's at least one of them. I have one I took of the jackshaft that the teeth are so far off from centered I can see just looking at it that the low part of the sprocket where the chain actually rides is higher on one side and lower on the other. You should see what it looks like spinning on the jackshaft, up/down, up/down.

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