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Default Re: Trike-Chopped,extended, flared 3' fork +schinOcc front,lowered, pad seat w/ back

My buddy (the welder) and I decided to keep building these custom for people. And when nobody is requesting this one we are building slight variations of it. Everytime we go out around town this thing draws a crowd and people asking us to sell it to them (the one we ride, heh ). It does about 31MPH with the current 2-stroke 80cc. Soon will have one up that has an american drive kit called EZ. These are grey plastic wheelguards, which I have found to be the best by far- they look fantastic, dont vibrate themselves loose under motor power, and couldnt possibly flip a 2 wheel bike.

The one pictured here obviously has a sprocket attached via the left wheel, but we put longer holding bolts on it, welded part of it's attachment mechanism in place, and can now slide a larger sprocket on next to the original, in seconds, for ratio change. This feature will continue throughout our 3 wheel bike building.
I like to tinker with my motorized bicycle. Most recent build was a custom chopper. Great bike. Talk to you guys soon

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