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Originally Posted by flybytaco View Post
its grey cause your burnin metal
that's bad then right?

Another thought after reading this entire thread. I dare say that most engines that the rental places and/or engine shops are running that swear by opti-2 are quality engines, most likely not entirely made in china. I used to do IT support for a machine shop that did medical stuff and a few years I sat through a day of industry training. China is the home of cheap manufacturing, but they can not get good metal, so often manufacturers will have to find alternative manufacturers for some of the precision quality metal parts. If that is still true today which I would imagine it is, an engine completely manufactured in Chine, i.e a Happy Time engine, then the entire thing is made out of the inferior metal. And looking at the technology propoganda from Opti-2 I would think for their resurfacing technology which works on a molecular level might not perform properly on an inferior metal. I imagine that most weed wackers and lawn mowers and chain saws sold in the US use a much higher quality of steel on the insides then the HT motors, so mixed results with opti-2 on our little two strokes doesn't surprise me.
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