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So I kept seeing 100:1 on this forum and the bottle of Citgo two-cycle oil I have listed 100:1 on the back as one of the ratio mixes with a little note that says follow the engine recommendation. So before reading this entire I post I mixed up a gallon of 85:1 mix with the citgo. I realize now that everyone was talking about opti-2 but I will run through my gallon of 85-1 to see how it goes. I have some serious black sludge coming out of around the exhaust port (yes I should change the gasket) from when I was running closer to 40:1. I checked my plug yesterday and it was gray, not chocolate milk, and I have the carb pin bottomed out. Maybe I'll grenade it before the gallon runs out, but he if 85:1 works with the crap I got, 100:1 with high end stuff would be logical.
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