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Default Re: tourque from engine pulling rear axel forward

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Loc-tite! Or bigger wrenches....or both.
That has to be the silliest help advice I heard here hehe ;-}

Your local bike shop should have these..

I don't know what they are called, they came on the Grubee GT1 bike I recently built and loved 'em.
In short, two offset 'eyelet bolts' that go from each side of your hub bolts to a little brackets at the end of your chainstay groves with 8mm nuts on the end for adjustment.

Just tighten them up first to get your wheel and chain aligned and tensioned perfect, then tighten you hub nuts. They will hold it there.
LockTight hahhaha, some things need to be mechanical first and these things are like magic ;-}
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