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Originally Posted by Stoked-On-Spokes View Post
Are there any good engines that actually look decent? Are there engines that are or can be polished?
...the powerplant would be a focal point to my madness.
All I can do as far as quality inside goes is Grubee SkyHawks, I was steered that way when I started and stayed there, and I am partial to black ones that almost become invisible like these.

But if you want to make the motor the focal point then you can get the 'plain' Grubee unfinished motor, pop on on some chrome parts, and most likely be able to at least get some sheen polishing on the rest.

I have no links handy to help with that 'chrome it up part' but I'm sure this sites ad links have some.
...Stretched out exhaust (like a Triumph with peashooters), frame tank, and a springer fork. I also plan on modifying the frame if needed so I can run with a multi-sprocket cassette and a jack-shaft.
Man after my own heart when it comes to gears and a Jackshaft, changed my riding world with my luxury 3-speed in the pic above ;-}

I am not a fan of springer forks for real use, but to help some and cool factor they are great.

Since a Jackshaft comes as just metal parts you should have no problem chroming it up before you put it on, I black mine, but that is my motif as it were.

I really want to steer you to a hub shifter but derailers do have a lot more chrome and work fine, but I suggest you get a bike with gears to start with.
It does not matter what the front derailer is, that sprocket gets replaced with the Jackshaft kit, just the rear matters.

Hope that helps and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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