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Default Engine Quaility

Ok, I'm new here but I've been a motorcyclist for years. I've been lurking on this board a while trying to get ideas for a new motorized bike build but was left a bit unsatisfied.

The Chinese engines I have seen don't look so hot. Their casting look worse than Royal Enfields and that says alot. Are there any good engines that actually look decent? Are there engines that are or can be polished?

I'm thinking about a Felt Twin, with a clean engine, stretched out exhaust (like a Triumph with peashooters), frame tank, and a springer fork. I also plan on modifying the frame if needed so I can run with a multi-sprocket cassette and a jack-shaft.

Anyhow, am I reaching? I mean, all is doable but I'm concerned about the powerplant as this would be a focal point to my madness. Please advise.
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