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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

I was out on my motorbike today thinking about the sprocket cluster. I was riding along on a 50CC China Girl mounted on a 60's Schwinn, less powerful than the 68CC motors I usually run, but also quieter. I came to a few hills and at each one assisted the motor with pedaling and imagined instead that I could shift the chain to a different sprocket and climb the same hills without effort. It has never been about high speed for me, but more power meant better hill climbing. With gears I don't need to worry about squeezing out every bit of power possible since the gears can make the difference and save the motor from working too hard. I am really hoping this can become a viable and affordable product for anyone with a simple single speed coaster brake hub.
So the sprocket cluster will bolt onto your sprocket adapter, is that right? And a derailleur of some kind will guide the chain onto the chosen sprocket. I'm guessing then that disengaging the clutch will not be necessary. I can hardly wait to try it.
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