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Default Re: Spooky Tooth Cycles

Originally Posted by flybytaco View Post
well for every 1 bad review there are 10 good ones i have had great luck with them even gotten free parts
Yeah I've ordered stuff from them before, with little issue but this is the second time I've ordered and you have to admit, this was SUCH a screw up, and totally unprofessional. It took them A WEEK just to tell me they didnt have it stock, and I SPECIFICALLY CALLED THEM and asked them if they HAD IT IN STOCK.

In fact, I contacted them TWICE regarding that, and both times they said they had it. They more or less lied, or didnt check, or it was human error, but the fact that they didnt tell me for a week, is wrong. That week, I couldnt do what I needed to do. It cost me 7 entire days of time and money. And on top of all that, they didnt call me to tell me my stuff wasnt in stock, I HAD TO CALL THEM.

Glad to hear you didnt have any problems, but they obviously arent taking care of some of their customers the way they should be.
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