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Default Re: Combined mtr-mount & jack shaft

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
I'm trying to figure this out. You have the freewheel on the jackshaft? I don't see it on the crank. Can you still pedal backwards while moving?

(edit) Oh I see it now. The freewheel sprocket on the crank side does the freewheeling.
Now how did the smaller drive sprocket get in there?
And you got roller bearings spinning the shaft?
(edit) Just saw first pic.

This is real slick! Makes me wish I had a welder.
And it's GREAT that you don't need a freewheel crank.
Yes the freewheel on the motor side is welded and only used as a regular sprocket.
Pedal backwards, Hmm never occured to me to do that but yes I could.
I welded the motor side freewheel so it could be pedal started. The original concept for the motor side freewheel was to reduce drag with the motor not pulling.
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