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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

I did manage to get over to the metal drop center today.

I bought a small sheet of 11 gauge, (.115"), 304 Stainless Steel...enough to make 9 sprockets of various sizes.

I sheared it up into the appropriate size squares for sprockets.

I had planned on getting them into the machine today, but ran out of time.

Tomorrow I should have the three clusters finished. (2) 52/48/44 & (1) 44/40/36 for my own use.

Even if I have to make some sort of deraileur type mechanism...I'm sure this is going to work.

Practical? Affordable? I seriously doubt it. If the sprockets could be made might fly.

I have tried both a waterjet, and a laser for cutting sprockets. Neither process is accurate enough.

A wire E.D.M. would be accurate enough with the benefit of being able to stack and cut 20+ at a time.

Cutting steel sprockets on the mill is just too slow to be practical. I cut all of the sprockets for the Spoiler build...It takes 3X as long to cut steel sprockets of the same tooth count in Aluminum.

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