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Default Re: Ok, I give up. How do you start these things?!

assuming it's all hooked up right...

the idle screw on the carb should be unscrewed about 3.5 to 4.5 turns.

make sure the petcocks are turned on. newer carbs have one on the carb, and the one on the tank. lever points in the direction of flow.

pull the choke lever up all the way and push the primer button in a few times.

start pedaling, get up a good amount of speed and drop the clutch.

hopefully, it'll start sputtering to life. keep pedaling a little more. if it tries to fire but won't stay running, mess with the choke a bit. if it won't idle, mess with the screw a bit.

I've had 4 bikes that all start different. one you can basically kickstart, one needs to be roling a little, and one takes 50feet (that one runs the best.)

that's the basics, anyways.
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