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Originally Posted by flybytaco View Post
I thought opti works at 80:1
I have the 1.8 0z packets of Opti-2. The package says to mix with 1 gallon of gas or 5 liters of gas.
Well, 1 gallon equals 3.8 liters, not 5 liters.

If you do the math, 1.8 oz in 1 gallon is a ratio of 70:1. 1.8 oz in 5 liters is 94:1.

The 3.2 oz packs says mix with 2.5 gallon of gas. The ratio for that mix is then 100:1.

So what does Opti-2 really recommend? Which is right? Seems to me that Opti-2 really doesn't know what the ratio should really be - or maybe it just doesn't matter that much?
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