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Default "Bad Inve$tment" My first Cranbrook project

Hello, My name is Gary, I am a graphic designer for a sign company and build hotrods and do custom paint and pinstriping, interior work... pretty much whatever. I have been wanting to get a bicycle or awhile to mess around with.

Its a Huffy Cranbrook, I picked up the bike with the engine freshly installed on it for less than building a new one. When I paid the guy and loaded it up, I turned to my fiancee' and said, This is a bad investment lol, Hence the name! Since I got the bike, the chain broke, stuff fell off and I bought alot of fancy crap!

I added a springer front end, front brake, speedo, I replaced the tensioner with a new one I got from a guy on ebay, he made spring loaded, bearing/sprocket ones, I just used the bearing/sprocket on the original tensioner bracket, made the chain alot quieter and smoother! I also remounted all the fenders and made them more solid! I made a sticker for the side of the engine case also & chain gaurd too.

Next I want to get a rear tray for it, recover the seat in brown, maybe upgrade to heavier duty wheels, rework the exhaust and heat wrap it. I will repaint the tank and throw some pinstriping on it.

I got lights for it, which I have not figured the best way to hook those up yet? I have read about hooking it up to the engine, or I have the generator that runs on the tire. Ideas anyone?

Can you rework the pipes anyway you want or will effect how the engine runs? I kinda wanna extend the muffler to straight out the back.

Any info/advice would be much appreciated!! This is my first one!


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