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Default Re: 50 to 44 tooth swap

Originally Posted by severedcorps View Post
i only hit 22 mph.. with the 44T and a 49cc chinese 2 stroke... WTF

i don't understand how everyone else posts such high speeds, I can't even get to 25 mph
This too is not particularly uncommon, without checkin' out the bike it's just wild guesswork but I'd do the basic check for air leaks (if you've not already) and some simple manifold port-matching: to start with.

While some engines are just "duds" many of them (read most) just need a good going over ta get the sloppy outa 'em

Derks, lol - we don't think yer stretching the truth any as yer speed sounds about right/slightly bettrn' average - & 40+ isn't impossible either, it's just being the internet... well... ya know how it goes
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