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Default Re: 4g 2010 Delmar Fatboy

Originally Posted by abikerider View Post
Hi Terry,
I just did the grinding of the clutch shoes with a dremel today and that helped a little but not as much as the springs did. I also checked the spring length and they have stayed the same so they are holding up well. I can now set the engine to a loping idle without fear of stalling because of the grabbing clutch. It'll still spin the rear tire if I lift it off the ground though.

Sometimes I feel like a beta tester with this clutch but the rest of the tranny has been great so far.
Well in a sense you are I am glad that you are as competent as you with this so far I have been trying to get instructions for new owners to smooth out the bumps. I have to say that there is one thing that I like about the fact that the clutch wants to engage early is that I have had a few potential customers asking for and engine and trans that will move along at low idle. Unlike the the standard kit 4G kit clutch dose not engage until 2300 rpm I have also heard a little grease on the shoes help too as well you can add washer as well. Keep me informed
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