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Default how to increase gas mileage


i recently built a cruiser with a 2 stroke chinese motor kit. it runs great, but i just checked my miles per gallon using my new speedometer/odometer. i think it's only getting around 56 miles per gallon. that's a rough approximation.

i keep reading about how these little motors are supposed to get 100-150 mpg. i know i'm still breaking in the motor but shouldn't i be getting better gas mileage? i think i read some instructions on this forum that you adjust the carb by screwing in the screw all the way and then backing off about 4 1/2 turns. that's what i did when i first built the bike.

is 56 mpg "normal"? any tips for increasing my mpg. i don't want to cut a hole in the muffler or other such idea that would increase the noise level. what do some of you on this forum get as far as mpg?

thanks for any ideas.
valparaiso, indiana
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