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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

Originally Posted by Missmichelleb View Post
So it looks like i will need to buy some kind of file to file this key. Does anyone have any suggestions of what type of file i should get? Also if anyone has a pic of one that would be awesome... i really have no clue what i'm looking for here.

Just go get a piece of sandpaper, I'd use what is called wet or dry (has a stronger backing), it's color is dark gray to black. Found in any auto parts store that sells automotive paint, or a paint store that mixes automotive paint. You will need only 1 sheet, if you know someone in a auto body repair shop you might be able to beg or buy a sheet. Come to think of it, I think China Mart (Wal Mart) carries it. A knife sharpening stone can be used.

Definition: An abrasive paper that can be used with water or other lubricants, making possible the sanding of some plastics and metals that is not possible with dry sanding.

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