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Default Re: Paint or Powder Coat?

depending on how harsh the grit is on the bed liner paint, it might be a good way to lose skin and rip through clothes.

a buddy of mine worked at rhino-liner in the early 90's and had an old 70's Mazda RX-3 he used to autocross. the interior was gutted and he sprayed it all with rhino-liner. he had to tape cardboard over the inside of the door because his elbow was wearing down...

next bike i do i'm gonna powder coat it. there's ads here on Craigs for 55 bucks for a frame and fork. i've spent days stripping bikes, and more days painting them. i think the last bike i did probably cost me over $100 in paint, primer, tape, sandpaper, 3M finishing wheels, clear-coat, aircraft remover, denatured alcohol, rags...etc.

and the gas still eats the paint.
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