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Default Moped Parts Being Used? What Works What DOESN'T?

I'm always thinking ( OCD'ing), about new ways for using parts from all types of motorized vehicles!

Will any moped parts work for motorizing a bicycle? I think so some parts many of us have already used, such as moped hubs/wheels, moped gas tanks, moped lights, moped engines maybe I don't know if anyone here in the forum per say has used a moped engine yet.

When I say moped engine I'm speaking of the Pedal Moped type not a Scooter type, the Moped's of yesteryear were Puchs, Sachs, Honda PA50's, just name a few which came with built in pedals in the engines, they were of both the 2-stroke & 4-stroke variety!

If you've found or used any type of moped parts for your motorized bicycle builds please share them here in this thread, as I'm sure many others will also try and use the same or similar part on their build.

Here's a couple of pic's of my favorite Mopeds/Moped Engines/Motorized Mountain Bicycles all of these are 4-stroke horizontal Honda cloned crf50 style engines one has built in pedals and the other is the Extreme Motorized Mountain Bicycle Moped that has custom a made pedal crank mounted on a chinese cloned pitbike/dirtbike of the CRF50 style with mountain bicycle wheels, brakes & front forks scavenged off a mountain bicycle:

Again let me ask any of you to please share you experience's with you using Moped parts for or on a Motorized Bicycle. Thanks.

Peace Crazy Horse.
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