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Default Re: 50 to 44 tooth swap

Originally Posted by Derks420 View Post
...The original setup i got a top speed of about 32/33mph. I swaped the 44 expecting to gain a little speed, but it tops out right aobut the same, around 32mph or so. Whats goin on? First of all, i only weigh 125 pounds, so i know there is no weight issue. i have heard people saying they hit 40mph...
...and this is exactly why we're so hard on unsubstantiated speed claims - while what you've gotten for speed is pretty much normal out of a stock kit & it's not impossible to hit 40mph - just doing a sprocket swap is in no way gonna do it, it takes quite a bit of tinkerin' and a few aftermarket performance parts for the average HT 2 smoker, a heck of a lot of tinkerin' for the 49cc. Yet when peeps jump in here and blithely throw around w/e speeds they think sound impressive or even just "guessing" what speeds they think they're going - it gives folks false expatations and disapointment, they think their engine is a dud or something.

Weight and sprockets mostly effect acceleration & cruise RPM, your "0-30" if you will, it's overcoming wind resistance and parasitic drag that's the problem when discussing top speeds - and simply put, that takes more power (and/or drag reduction)... there's no way around it.

Your speeds sound just about right Derks (actually pretty good for a 49cc), check out our High Performance Bicycle Engine Tips section for some tips and tricks to get the most outa yer motor... yankin' baffles out mostly just annoys the neighbors, unless you've the catalytic converter it's really not unduly restrictive - it's just not a proper exhaust system for a two stroke, you need a tuned expansion chamber to get a real power increase. People commonly mistake noise for power is all

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