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Default revolutioncycles, :S

Hello! my name is Roni and I live in Israel, I really want a motorized bicycle, but the main problem is that customs here in Israel won't pass packages with motors so I am looking for 4 stroke kit without the engine it self so I spoke to revolutioncycles requesting to buy a kit without engine :
Dear revolutioncycles-dot-us,
I'm really interested in this kit, but if you would ship to Israel the customs here in Israel will save the kit for them selfs because it's not allowed to bring motor without license here to Israel, so I thought maybe you could sell me in private a kit without engine, and in Israel i will buy an engine (GXH50 which costs here 650$!!(without taxes!))
please consider my request
thank you and best regards, Roni!
So he replied :

Dear kanevsky123,

Im sorry but Israel can suck my ass
This situation is just bad, I am feeling embarrassed I did nothing wrong but to ask something and he...
well anyway I will keep looking because I have great plans for a great bike
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