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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
good one Baird!
In 2 1/2 years of messin' with these; I've only sold about a dozen completed, ready to ride, bikes.

Each customer is pre-qualified to have one. Knuckleheads need not apply.

I can tell within the first 5 minutes of conversation whether or not a potential customer is going to be trouble. I just scare them off with a high price. One idiot even had the gall to insinuate that he was going to be my worst nightmare if anything went wrong. Around here, through Craigs list, you can buy a cobbled together mess for $350 or less. My cheapest builds are $550 and I don't budge on the price. The customer who wants to cheapen everything is also the same customer who will scream the loudest when things break!

Anyone who comes to the shop...looks at a bike...and then says "your price is too high, I know a guy that has one for $300" instantly disqualified. I've run off a lot more people than I have sold too.

You and I have a lot in common Jim. Not the years into it, I just started this year, but what and who you will sell too.
I work and sell from home so I have no overhead, and $10-$15 an hour for my build time (around $200 net a bike) this time of year is fine with me so my pricing goes like this.

No WallyWorld, the budget bike in this example is a 2Wheel bikes Maui delivered for ~$160 and a sturdy bike.
Nothing leaves without front and rear brakes that actually work.
I do more too but that's neither here nor there.

I realize this topic is a year old now, but back to the original topic of taddthewadd wanting to build and sell a Wally bike with a cheap motor for $1K and get rich just won't happen for anyone then or now.

Since you can't practically ship a completed bike, it is local customers.
Learn who your potential customers are in your area.
Here in the Phoenix area in the summer it is victims of Sheriff Joe's DUI crackdowns, and they range from the laborer to executive that lost their drivers license and need a legal way to get around.

Come October when the weather cools the leisure rider market should really increase until next June.
In short, make a business plan and know who your potential buyers may be and when, and stay a step ahead if you can.

I'm trying.
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