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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

Originally Posted by Al.Fisherman View Post
I saw someone mentioned a disclaimer...Disclaimer is not good if you are building and selling in certain states. You have to have a manufacture license...I was going to do the same thing here...Build the bike, run it through the break in and sell it as used but like new. I or should I say we built this bike for Mike...I told him to tell his wife (we are long time friends) if he gets killed on it I don't want to hear about it. You are responsible, I just help you build it.

Mikes HT bike pictures by Ron-Becker - Photobucket
Hello Al , I was thinking about the disclaimer stuff and came to the same conclusion . It would be best in my view to sell the bikes as used like new . I think the main thing is never sell to someone under the age of eighteen without the parents sighing some type of Acknowledgment of sell
. For instance my martial arts instructor never sells nunchaku's or any other weapons without parents signature's . But now for the pics of the bike you linked to here ; I really like the modification you made to motor mount . Looks like an simple piece of angel bar bent with an vise and mallet ? It looks like it asorbs some shock too. I will go with this idea instead of the drilling holes and spring idea I had in mind . Nice build ! Latter and still kicking
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