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Default Re: New exhaust on my cruiser.....testing

Originally Posted by DudeZXT View Post
That looks varrry nice! Only change I would make is to have the muffler follow the bike frame a little better along the bottom.

I want one!
Thanks guys.

Yes...I had originally intended to have it run parallel to the ground tucked under neatly, but as it is the header off of the pipe cut was a wee bit short, thus the downward slope.

A different headerpipe would easily remedy the "proper mounting" of this exhaust pipe, but I'm starting to like the angle downward as the angled end kinda makes it look "ok". It was originally on the right side of the Peugeot moped....I flipped it over and stuck it on the left...upside down.

Just experimenting with it, I'm actually quite happy with the stock can that comes on these engines...compact.

Some different angles and the donor pipe. Last pic with a magnet over the hole I drilled....
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