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Default "Top Hat" Sprocket Adapter

Hi All,

In a previous thread I showed you the prototype hub adapter version #1....This hub adapter allows one to mount a 9 hole sprocket (with enlarged center hole (if ordering from us for adapter use we will make the required center hole change at no additional cost) to the adapter which then bolts to the 6 hole disc mount....This gives the user a precise way to mount and it backspaces the sprocket on the hub for better fit and chain line angle. The version #1 hub adapter ,however, does not allow one to use the disc brake on a disc brake equipped hub. This mount weighs in at a light 3.9 ounces (way less than the factory mounts).

NOW I have made the "Top Hat" sprocket adapter which is not only super light (a feathery 2.1 ounces) BUT also allows you to use a disc brake if you so choose! All the advantages of the standard version #1 sprocket hub adapter PLUS super light weight and the ability to retain use of the disc brake system if so equipped.(depending on components used may require the
use of custom spacers below and other "tweaks" since space will be at a premium between the disc and sprocket....may limit sprocket size choices in some cases....again all this is dependent on the frame and components used).

Because of the vast number of frame / wheel / and disc brake combinations
I will probably have to offer a "base" sized adapter (which is designed to fit many situations) and offer custom made spacer blocks in 1/16 , 1/8 , and possibly 1/4 inch sizes to adjust everything for that PERFECT fit (well maybe to within at least 1/16 of an inch or so) on YOUR specific bike.....

Stay tuned for pricing and availability.....they are just around the corner!

All pieces are made from the same great aerospace grade 7075 T651 aluminum we make our sprockets from....I have been researching Titanium nuts and bolts but will at first make these adapters available for use with your own nuts and bolts.

I have attached some pics showing the 2 different versions our our soon to be released adapters.....(The version #1 hub adapter is on the left in the green picture and the one on the right is the "Top Hat" adapter)


PS - Finally.... Performance Ware that is Fun to Wear! ;-)
Help me name our Model....
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