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Default Re: Huffy Santa Fe Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
The only other thing that may be causing a high idle speed is an intake leak or a horrible crankshaft seal leak. I do not recommend on inspecting the crankshaft seals yet though. That is digging in deep and sorta putting the cart in front of the horse so to speak.

Thinking back to the first few miles, I smelled burning rubber and thought it was the chain hitting the tire(it was), but the idle had gotten worse and when I roll it clutch pulled, I hear something.

I reinstalled the throttle at the carb and made sure the slide went on the right side. I listened and could hear the slide hitting bottom at full throttle. That could fix the fast idle and the idle screw goes in much further, but the burning rubber, runaway idle and binding sound...

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