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Default Re: Motorized bike for $50...!

Originally Posted by Patr1ck View Post
Thanks for the tips. What do you use to bend the pipe? The standard conduit bender that they sell at Home depot? What are you using to join the pieces together? Some type of a sleeve? Or are you just butting them together and welding them that way?

Thanks again for your help,
Yes I use a conduit bender, the orange handled ones at Home Depot and yes an acetylene torch and some preflux coated brazing rods due a fine job, I just slightly grind the Zinc plating off around where I'm going to braze it together and weld it up, works great and the brass is flexible enough that it doesnt crack, and by useing a torch instead of wire welder the conduit doesnt get brittle around he welded area which will in time cause it to break under vibration.
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