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Default Re: How to install clutch cable on 58cc StarFire Gen II 2 Stroke Engine

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I will assume that 58cc was typo and you mean a 48cc Starfire as they are 48 and 66 ;-}

If the replaced motors clutch arm is the same length or longer it is not the cable, it is dried grease on the new motors clutch plate.
Happens all the time on motors that have been sitting around a long time before being shipped to you.

Just pop the big round right side clutch cover off.
Remove the little set screw that keeps the star nut on the clutch plate in place.
Press the clutch plate in and you you can usually undo the star nut by hand.
make a note of the turns you use and mark the spot it was in with a marker!
Pull the clutch plate off.

Now just lock in the clutch lever.. errr, you can't with a brake lever, it has no lock pin, that sucks.
Find what you can to keep the lever pulled in like a hose clap or something.
Then just take a long screwdriver and put it flat against the motor between two of the clutch plate holding pins and give it a shove.

If it breaks and spins free you are OK.
If not, and the motor still engages you have two choices...

Pop the left cover and hold the drive gear nut with the spark plug wrench and try it again.
Or, pull the spark plug and stick something NON-Metal that won't scare the cylinder wall into the plug hole to keep the piston from moving and break it free.

Clean up the clutch plate and pads too if you want, then put it back together going by your notes of turns on the star nut.
Engage the clutch again to make this easy.
Don't forget the set screw, and a little locktite on it is a good idea ;-}
The screw is stripped.....
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