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Default Re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

Ya gotta love these little badass machines!

The way i got into it was a friend of mine got a second offense DUI in the state of GA, not so good, so his mom said "what about a motorized bicycle?" at first both of us were like , the only motorized bicycles we saw were all old man dorkado jobs, but than we saw the board trackers!! EUREKA!! i had always liked those bikes and am a biker anyway with shovelheads and inline four choppers and the such and got to thinkin that those beach cruiser bikes look an awful lot like board trackers... so it began, my little bro got interested too do we ordered the kits and went to town.

I think the biggest coolness for me is the real freedom u have on these things, i mean they are bicycles so that means i can ride sidewalks and roads and not wear a helmet unless i just wanted too, which i wont, but anyway it should be my choice not the damn government! So i am ridin the mess outta this thing and it is so much more fun than i even thought....
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