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Default Re: .and now my rear rim is screwed up....halp

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I have built eight bikes, some with older (60's and 70's) rims, some were new bikes. All had the stock rag joint sprocket mount and I have not had any problems with any of them.

I'll bet your wheel didn't have the spokes tightened correctly, or maybe not at all as most wheels are "machine built" and about every third spoke is actually tensioned right.

Bummer to pay extra for a wheel that didn't hold up.
I've built 10 bikes for people around my town and none of them had this problem either. One of the guys has over 1500 miles on his bicycle with the stock rag joint on a releigh walmart bike. The rim came in a worksman box and i knew that it wasn't worksman but i made the assumption that maybe it had been hand checked to make sure it was good and repacked. Pirate says they cant warranty the small gauge wheel that was rag joint driven. So imma try to possibly get a ride to the bike shop and have them true it when my Disabilty check comes in. I'm kinda bummed out bit my neighbor said I could use his bike to run back and forth to town on till I can get mine straight.

I feel ya on the machine built rim. What I cant understand from a mechanical point of view is why the side with the ragjoint has loose spokes. As mentioned earlier it would seem to me the mounting the joint would apply more tension to that side. I dunno this bike has been a real pain, less than 130 miles total on it since march, seems as soon as one thing is fixed another breaks. I'm off to pout in the corner now
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