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Default Re: How to install clutch cable on 58cc StarFire Gen II 2 Stroke Engine

Photos would greatly help here to see what you have.
I'm not following your question regarding a "pin between the clutch gears" on the left side. Under the clutch actuator cover, left side as you're sitting on the bike looking down, there is a gears. There should be a steel pin protruding from the center of that sprocket and behind it is a ball bearing. Don't loose either one and lube them well before final assembly.
As for the cable attachment, the complete kit would have included a cable stop. It is a small steel or brass collar with a set screw in it that tightens down on the cable. A good hobby shop will carry 'Wheel Collars' for model airplane wheels. You'll need one with a 1/16" hole. Ace Hardware might have them but they would be called cable stops.
After you've run the cable down to the engin'e clutch actuator lever you'll want to pull all slack out of the cable then slide the collar, cable stop up against the arm and tighten the set screw. Remember, no slack and adjust the clutch, in your case the brake lever so you have adjustment for later. Get back to us if these suggestion don't help.
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