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Default Will be Going green

Yes I am trying to go green. I have a 8 mile each way commute to school and 12 mile each way to work. The University I go to has a terrible parking, annual permit costs ~$300. It takes me 20 mins to get to school, then another 10-20 mins to find a parking. So instead of buying a expensive permit again, I might do something different. I might as well bike there for the same amount of time. Most fall and spring days should be OK for biking, if not I can always drive halfway and use free shuttle (in snow or rain).

I already have mountain bike but I can barely go 5-6 miles before getting tired. I considered buying a road bike since they're a lot more efficient but my commute is a bit hilly so I can use some hill assist here and there.
SO I am still considering some options:
- buy a road bike

-Buy an Ezip Trailz bike for around $400, drive it for a bit then upgrade batteries and such.

-Buy a 4 stroke gas bike kit (rear mount only, hate mid mounted ones), and put it on a walmart cruiser bike. Due to noise gas engine makes I probably have to pedal out of campus to avoid LOLs or weird looks.

Build a custom hybrid bike (gas+ electric). Most expensive option so that'll be later down the road.
Of course the best would be to have all four bikes in the basement but being a student means I have to compromise.

SO if anyone has any suggestions or advice or a link I'd be really happy. Thanks for reading my long post haha
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