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Default A new shift concept for the engineers....

Crazy idea for some of the shop guys out there. I lack the facilities and the know how to even begin to fabricate this idea. Why not make a shift kit for the 44t sprocket? Bolt a 36t and a 56 or 60t to either side of the 44t and simple derailer. Suddenly a 1 Speed cruiser bike has options, plus the derailer would take care of the dreaded "tensioner" question. It is only 3 speeds but if you could work it out it would be a neat alternative to the jack shaft shift kits. Plus who ever figures it out could sell the "derailer" as a very nice chain tensioner alternative. Heck even two speeds would be cool. I know there some obvious up front problems like axle width and stuff but I bet it could be done.

All ask is in exchange for this million dollar idea is that it be called the Ferball Shift Kit, and I you send me one.
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