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Default .and now my rear rim is screwed up....halp

After not being able to ride from a broken carb my rear rim is all wonky now. It bowed out to the left on one side and the right is now kicked over some enough to rub the chain id say all in all there's like 1/2 an inch or more of run out. Some spokes were incredibly loose and i tried tightening them and nothing got any tighter. Are the nipples prone to stripping or something? Any ideas or tips would be welcome, the rime has maybe 50 miles on it as I bought it from pirate a few months ago right before my carb took a dump. Here's a pic you can see where the chain is rubbing the tire due to runout

And another that Illustrate the bend to the right.

I didnt hit any bumps or potholes as I ride on pavement. I was riding home and noticed a bad wobble, so when that happened a killed the motor and pedaled home the rest of the way it was maybe a block.
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