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Cool Super psyco found his fun =D

Hello, my name is Chris.

I got my engine from DAX (which i now regret) on july 14, 2k10. It only took a few hours to build it and 1 mile to destroy it. =p no worries though i had another frame waiting. tore the bike apart that night and slept on it. i re build it the very next day and i got 160 catastrophy free miles in on it so far.

I'd post a picture but my camera powersupply is in storage still. i'm a gear head experienced in gas guzzlers (you know those obnoxious 4 wheeled things that are always in your way on the road) and back-yard fabrication. i have a terrible addiction to speed (mph kind =p ) and was just approved for ssi so i'm lookin to build somethin that goes bare min 35-40 but i'd really like somethin that does 50+

i have a few friends i made who have motorized bikes as well. i'm gettin all sorts of ideas os what to do for my 2nd bike. if anyone has a machine that does 50+ i'd certainly love to hear from you! i wanna make sure things don't fall apart at that speed ya know so i figure i'd get some tips from those of you who break that ultralight law =p

DAX ordered 47cc 2 stroke engine kit
came with hole in the exaust
dented badly painted exaust
bent/deformed clutch plate retainer star nut
POS master link for drive chain

with all the little issues i can still get this baby screamin at 30mph but that's not fast enough
my dream bike which i'm gonna make with this back check from ssi will feature the following =D

largest engine i can get (hopein for a franco morini 11hp engine)
shift kit
NOS kit
and all the amenities (lights n turn signals baskets n such)

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