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Default Re: Ethanol killing small engines

Well, I had a bummer of a day checking on the ethanol situation.

Went on a 75 miler today, stopping at Texaco, Phillips, Exxon stations on the way in....apparently there was some June 30 2008 target date, EVERYBODY is switching.

So I went to the Chevron distributor, Howard Oil Co., had a 20 minute talk with the owner, heard a lot of the technical aspects, but no one is happy about this. Chevron is still moving the last of the old "pure" stuff.

But he gave me the low-down on discount brands, how their mixing/blending techniques are primitive and mostly on site, while the majors are doing it at the depots.

The discounts use a "low gas blend", (*something that starts with an "R"), get down to around 84 octane, then raise the octane with the alcohol. But there is nothing precise about the mixing, the top part of a tanker truck might be different than what comes out of the bottom.

And he said the pumps now have a complicated/delicate hydrofilter, where a few tablespoons of water captured in the filter shut the pump down, and there is a $10 fee to clear the filter. This puts pressure on the stations to get the tanks inspected. That is what he has crews running around doing, inspecting tanks and calibrating hydrofilters.

He recommended I go talk to the Stihl dealership, so I went to Greenmasters and asked what the loggers are going to do.

His advise was 1) Use the majors, because the octane is guaranteed.
2) Don't mix big batches, and don't use old mixed gas because the oil/gas seperates. One month would be the absolute maximum, but using it up inside of 2 weeks is better.

He knew of no stablizing additive that really did anything.

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