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Default Re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Another time and another thread is probably better to have a go at discussing this and I agree with much of the substance of your whole post.

However, the state regs here are motorized bicycle friendly (IE: no tags, insurance, inspection), well defined and clear. motorized bicycles and mopeds are to have a top attainable speed of 30mph and a max operating speed of 25mph.

The speeds you're suggesting put you into cat2 (30mph-40mph) which is LUV (limited use vehicle) and subject to having manufacturers COO, and obtaining title, plates, insurance, inspections including emissions and DOT everything.
But they are not mopeds or motorcycles.

They are bicycles and I ride bicycles with no motors at all 30 to 40 mph or faster.

It is not against the law as far as I know.

Why would people want to put a motor on a bicycle if it has to go slower than it will go without a motor ?

Here is an idea.

Before you put a motor on a bicycle take it to a steep hill and see how it handles above 40 mph.

When you get a good handle on going over 40 mph then put a motor on it if you dare !

Top speed on level ground also depends on the weight of the rider.

Some people are using them as fat old dude mobility scooters and weigh 300+lbs

Going over 40 mph some of those dudes could take out a house ! ! !

edit : Sorry if I have offended any fat old drunks that have too many dui's that ride motor bicycles !

Not you happy, your my hero !

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