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Default Re: Ripped Out a Spoke ?


If your asking me for pic's, hold on I might have it going again, I think I may have either messed with the brake arm then set the other side bearing cone and it was fouling some how in an inter reaction with the brake, I think one should be adjusted before the other ?

, . . . . or the brake arm may have been hitting the bolt heads and causing it to not to spin correctly and or feeding and unthreading to the opposite side, . .

at this point I really don't know but it seems to be turning smoothly without un-threading, the axle was feeding into the sprocket assembly, meaning it was getting shorter on the coaster brake side and longer on the pedal chain sprocket side, now that I have the coaster brake in place it seems to be working.

I'm about to get the engine sprocket in place actually bolted down as I have replaced the bolts with a better bolt, but opted for a shorter one, and have had some considerable trouble getting the locker on then there just wasn't room for the nut.

I have bolted it down with the old long bolts, that are already worn and stripping, now to go back and replace with the shorter bolts, as the compression has allowed me to get the nut on.

But thanks, if I run into more problems with this I'll let you know.

Hey are you on the eastern or western slope ?
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